The Passing Visitors At An Art Gallery Recorded By My Mobile Phone When I Was Taking A Nap


January 2019


This is a collection of impromptu photographs, which was captured by me when I went to white · cube to visit the exhibition “A fortnight of tears” created by Tracey Emin. 


The artwork in the photo was Tracey Emin's reflection on love, which was one of the most popular works in the exhibition hall. There was a row of chairs opposite the artwork, where I took a nap for about five minutes, during which I adjusted my mobile phone into timing photography. During the five minutes, I took a photo every five to ten seconds to record the people who watched and passed the artwork, or put it in another way, my lens recorded the people who visited the exhibition during the five minutes.


I have always been keen on discussing, observing and recording the relationship between people and the world as well as individual activities, which is also the starting point of my impromptu shooting.