06.11.2019- 10.11.2019

In November of this year, our class held the Immurement exhibition together. The address of the exhibition was a gallery which was a 200 years old church’s basement and cemetery. Before the exhibition, because of the particularity of the gallery, I realized that when I create my artwork, I must be related to the environment. Thus,we went to the gallery and surveyed many times. This exhibition made me realized that I should fully consider the exhibition environment when creating and installing the artwork. Finally, the artwork I created for the exhibition had a good connection with the gallery.


Besides, in order to hold the exhibition, there are lots of groups formed, such as the installation team, curation group, marketing group, financial group, and catering group. I participated in the catering group. This taught me how to communicated and negotiate with other groups and make plans with my team members. On the day of the private view, our group also need to in charge of the bar and drinks, which made me realized how to deal with visitors.

In short, this exhibition allows me to better understand the importance of the connection between the artwork and exhibition space and cooperation when holding the exhibition.