​Henry London

sound, comprehensive material

December 2019

Henry London,2019 is an interactive and immersive artwork for the exhibition IMMUREMENT in the crypt gallery, London.


In view of the environment and historical background of the Crypt Gallery, a basement and cemetery of a more than 200 years old church, the artist created my artwork. The space of the exhibition is wet, cold, old and dark which inspired the artist to set up a virtual character, the ghost named Henry London who was buried in the basement for almost 200 years. Combining reality and virtuality, the artist created Henry London who was born in 1800 in the UK. His mother was King’s mistress. He loved literature, opera, and he was a bisexual. He was not a man for plans, he preferred creating chaos. Because his first half-life was rich, he was a little proud and self-esteem person. After his fiancee dead, he fell in love with a man and was sued as sodomy. He didn’t care what people said but he had to spend lots of time-fighting the court. It took a lot out of him, and he died in 1833. His relatives buried him in the crypt of the church, then he became a ghost who has lived in the crypt for almost 200 years. The project is about what he said when he faced the visitor in the crypt gallery now. 



The work is consisted of 8 sound devices installed separately in the gallery to express the illusion that the ghost wandering around in the crypt gallery. When visitors pressed the buttons, the ghost’s black humour and outdated voices were activated. I planed to go through this a little absurd and funny form to reflect my thought and attitude for homosexual, discrimination, information age, and so on.

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