The Emergency is organised by 15 MFA artists in the Platform Southwark in London. The curator is Galina Hirstova and the date was from 5th December to 7th December. The theme of this exhibition is about Environment, Migration, Education, Refugees, Government corruption, inequality, nuclear security, and Global warming. The exhibition requires all participating artworks match the theme and was held shortly after the Immurement, which was a challenge for me.


In this exhibition, equipment transportation, curation, and installation were intractable problems for us. My artwork needs four old televisions and four video players, so I had to rent a car and hire a driver to help us with artwork transportation. Besides, the time of renting the gallery was limited, that meant we only had a little time to arrange each artwork’s position. The gallery was a little small for 15 pieces of artwork. We tried our best to install every artwork at its great location after constant communication and cooperation.


As a result, through this exhibition, I had a further understanding of installation, curation and collaborative skills. I gained valuable experience whilst working for this exhibition. 



Medium:1 video (3 minutes and 40 seconds)