Future Plan

After I graduate, I will continue my art career in China. For a long time, most of my creative inspiration comes from my observation of the society, reflection from the relationship between people and society, and self-analysis and self-examination in the process of observation and thinking. I am going to continue my art creation in this way. My future art practice is going to focus on researching the relationship between Chinese females and society. As we all know, in ancient times, Chinese women had low social status partly because of Confucianism’s influence and now Confucianism still influences Chinese a lot. After I went back to China, I found more and more Chinese females were suffering unfair treatment in marriage, birth, appearance, and the job market. This is an increasingly serious problem in China society. Feminism a large topic, so I am planning to use body shame as the main theme of my art creation to promote female diversity in society.


Besides, as an artist, broader exposure is quite important. Setting up and managing a public account is a good way to gain more popularity. I will set up public accounts on different internet platforms and share my artworks, videos, and information about contemporary art. In my opinion, the gap between contemporary art and the public is still big in China. I hope more people will have a further understanding of contemporary art through my public accounts.


Finally, I have taken an extreme interest in curation and writing about contemporary art (I think the two are inseparable) since I learned about them in UAL. I am going to learn more about curation and writing, and find a job about curation to support my artist's career.