May  2019

Cacophony was the theme of the Pop Up Exhibition. Artists in our class were divided into six groups. We need to find a space in our college and set up an exhibition in that space. It was an interesting chance and big challengee for five artists who are from different countries and backgrounds to cooperated for one artwork.  


Our group found a little known stairwell and decided to use this space as our “little gallery”. Because of everyone having their own ideas, we decided to respect everyone’s thoughts. We divided the 22 steps into five, then every artist in our group had their own space to create their art. Thus, our exhibition included the Spanish poetry, David Bowie’s song, someone’s sexual views, interesting symbols, and environmental protection. That why our exhibition name was Cacophony. To my surprise, these seemingly unconnected ideas formed a harmonious and interesting exhibition. It was a very interesting experience for me.